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  1. Hi Kirsty,
    I have been with horses all my life, but a had dense Stroke in February 2010. It affected my right leg and arm and left me speech/writing problems (Aphasia).
    Now have the rehab for 4 hours a day including walking, swimming, skiing, riding, reading aloud/writing, driving a adaptive car and a Physio session once a month to stretch my muscles.
    In Aug 2008 I brought the school horse that I was riding. He is 15.3HH TB although he 21yo now he is great for me. I now do Para-dressage Grade 11 on him. (Vicky Nurcombe BHSAI Para-dressage).
    Just 6 wks ago I broke my back, but when I have the go ahead from the consultant want to get going again!
    Do you think you would be able to help me?

  2. I love my equipilates sessions and can’t recommend them enough to everyone even non-riders!!
    Kirsty makes you realise why and how you impact on your horse’s way of going and encourages you to correct postural errors, which in turn makes you our horse feel better and ride better as a partnership.

  3. I’ve attended a group pilates and also had a series of one to one sessions with Kirsty and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed both and it is certainly paying off in my horse’s way of going. My stability is stronger and I am shocked at what a difference it has made. Roll on the next course and thanks Kirsty!!

  4. Really enjoying Kirsty’s Equipilates classes, fun and really making a difference to my riding, my mare really appreciates it. Kirsty encourages you and helps a lot individually so I feel I make the most of every session. Thank you Kirsty.

  5. The commitee and members of the Northeast Branch of the British Horse Society would like to thank Kirsty for her wonderful informative presentation of Wednesday. Educational humourous and useful, we all look forward to the workshops in the future. Thank you so much

  6. This is my third course and I’m really enjoying the exercises, laughter and getting fitter. It is ideal for anyone who does ride or not or has recently had an injurying (like myself) and want to losen the muscles up. I have also found that my seat is more secure in my riding and that my balance is maintained.

    So go on, have a go at Fit2Ride and see the difference it makes to your core!!

  7. Just finished an 8 week personal training plan with Kirsty. Brilliant, Kirsty made it very enjoyable also had the bonus of losing quite a few inches.

    Thanks Kel xxx

  8. For someone who is terrified of exercise classes the Fit2Ride classes were not too intimidating and even…if I admit it… fun! (apart from the muscle complaints!).
    I really noticed the difference in my riding (and so did my horse), even more now that I haven’t done one for a while. My balance and the accuracy of my aids and ability to ride from my core made a massive difference and really helped me to get to grips with my big moving horse and cope with his power.
    Thanks Kirsty! I really must get organised again…

  9. I have participated in this class now for three sessions and it is absolutely brilliant. I have attended just about everything new that ever comes into fashion but have never felt the benefits so quickly as I have from these sessions. The classes are small, friendly and the exercises seem to work whether you can ride or not. For bums tums and legs these are the exercises you need. A sense of humour is a must but then laughter is also a good therapy. Thank you I shall be continuing with these classes for sure.

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