Equipilates has finally arrived!

Fit2Ride and Equipilates

Equipilates looks at improving your spinal alignment, core stability and flexibility. Your spinal alignment influences every aspect of your riding from the basic half halt to sitting trot.

During these courses we will look at breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques so that you feel relaxed and refreshed at the end. In the first session we will look at spinal alignment on the saddled horse. You can bring your own saddle if you like.

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2 thoughts on “Equipilates has finally arrived!

  1. Hi Kirsty

    I am looking at your one to one training sessions.

    I have been out the saddle for 12 weeks due to having a hysterectomy and looking to regain my fitness levels and core strength back is this something you offer, or can you recommend somebody who does.

    I am based in Whiston by the hospital but willing to travel.



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